Its been a week since I last post an outfit here. Due to busy schedule and lack of time. So here it is, an outfit I wore last saturday on a cousins dinner date at Ila Puti I.T Park. Before we flew on. We did took first an outfit shot together with my cousin xandra of www.theskinnystylista.blogspot.com. (Check out her blog ladies) And btw, she just started her blog so do not expect big. Lol ! Back in my look I wore a black button down with a little twist of a cotton sleeves to keep the look elegant and more stylish. This shorts with a black and white  stripes to match with the top and the boots. If you were asking if how did I make this collar necklace? actually, this is a usual typical necklace but I decided to make it a collar necklace do add more style on my look(seen below). I cut the excess strings with a pliers and voila! Lol. this eyeglasses made my look more mature! Hype my look at lookbook.nu

 Black Button Down Shirt| Oxygen Clothing
 Stripes Short| Thrift Finds
Eyeglasses| SMAccesories

 Collar Necklace| DIY

Me with my two pretty cousins <3 @itsrenabelle and @xandraExclusive of www.theskinnystylista.blogspot.com

How do you find my look? :) 

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 Top | Oxygen Clothing
Red Knit Cardigan | H&M
Cross Necklace | Downtown Finds

Sling Clutch Vintage Bag | Louis Vuitton

An outfit that I wore last Saturday in a mini concert at ayala,cebu. Actually, I was drag by friend to watch because of some matter that his favorite or let say crush local artist is one whos also executing a song number  to the said event. And it was drizzling and cold that night so I decided to wear to something to cover me from the cold breeze of the wind and So, lucky me after the smooth rain I took an outfit shot immediately. Haha ! And if you guys thinks that Im a fond of wearing boots and I say yes! but, sadly this is the only boots I have for now. So on my look, I wear a blue chino top with this cute tiny collar on it that I got recently from Oxygen Clothing Philippines. And yes its on Sale so I just grab it immediately. Lol !

To cover me from the cold windy evening I wore a red knitted cardigan which my aunt send me. And a Brown jeans pants from a downtown finds which is very comfy. And this vintage sling clutch from my Moms Vintage closet. Haha ! 

So how do you find my look? 

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Knitted Top - Oxygen Clothing
American Flag Print Shorts - Billabong

Dreamcatcher Necklace - Bazaar Finds

Mens Weave Clutch - Bazaar Finds

Todays weather was like bipolar it pours rains and dash sunlight. So I wore something sunny and and something that can also survive rains. Lol ! I try to wear a knitted green top for protection of the scorching heat of the sun and a to cover after rain colds. Lol ! I just got this on sale at Oxygen clothing and guess what ? They are 70% off on their selected items. And who doesn't love sale items? Haha. Back in my look, A billabong american flag print shorts which is so comfy and cool. And how I love this dreamcatcher necklace which I just got also from a bazaar in Ayala Mall Cebu. I've been longing to have this piece cause I rarely see dreamcatcher necklaces online and usually its light and girly colors so this necklace is my bestfriend starting from now on. Lol. And lastly a Mens clutch that can add an edgy vibe on your look. 

How do you find my look?

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