Krispy Kreme Opens in CEBU

My First BLOG ENTRY :)
This is my First Blog Entry and Hope you guys love to read about in
This Past Days Im so very exhausted and stressed because of this heavy duty schedule of mine. Some sort of school works, work load at home and fudge no time for myself. So I decided to have my self a break last Saturday afternooon at Krispy Kreme. Krispy Kreme in Cebu wasa just newly open last week of the month of October. On that week I was not in Cebu, because Im at our province for a Short Semestral Break Vacation. I was confused of the taste of this doughtnut. Because it was like 3 years since I ate one :) LOL .{I was that ignorant} So I decided to buy a dozen of it . At home I grab one doughnut from its cute polky box and its really taste good. The dough is fluffy and the sweetness that it has ! I cant resist to eat more and plenty of it :) Hehehe . But I overcome gluttony. Because if I let my self to eat more. HUH ! I cant get diabetes on that ! Hahaha :) XO

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