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Hi there Lovies , i just want to talk about something for my upcoming First Blog-giveaway. Its gonna be my first month in blogging this coming February 8 and hope you guys participate(parang activity lng) Anyways, so here how it goes. In being honest with you guys, finding some online shops to be a sponsor for this blog give away is not that hard , it is so hard!(haha) 

Because, as a newbie in blogging I dont have much resource about getting sponsors. Good thing is, there is this kind-hearted ONLINE Shops who reply on my facebook messages last night that they are interested and wants to collaborate with me on my first blog giveaway. Without further do, here are some sample pictures that you might gonna have/win and some other details about the shop:

‎"FASHION OBSESSION, FASHIONABLY PINAY! " House of Manila (HOM) is an online store that sells fashionable clothes, bags and accessories specifically for fashionably chic women. We offer stylish and wearable products of high quality and comfort. ‘Classy, sophisticated and youthful with an edge’ - this is House of Manila’s products image. Our road to success is influenced by a combination of passion in fashion, business and pleasure. House of Manila's lifestyle is truly what a modern and high spirited woman is all about. MISSION: House of Manila’s mission is to offer fashionably chic merchandise with high quality and comfort for women. It will embody a classy, glamorous, and youthful image with an edgier, bolder look. It will be the ultimate reinvention of fashionable Pinays in the 21st century. VISION: To be a retail and wholesale online store that provides the best style and quality of fashionable goods that will satisfy our customer’s needs. HISTORY: House of Manila started as a simple obsession with fashion. Since the owners, Kara Cathrina P. Kajiro and Lady Queen A. Reyes are interested and very particular with fashion, they decided to turn their passion into a business. They’ve decided to name it ‘House of Manila’ because they believe that when Philippines is mentioned, Manila is the first one that will come to people’s minds. Furthermore the owners believe in Filipino talents and are PROUD TO BE PINAY ! 

- What I like about H.O.M is that they have chic, classy and trendy look dresses that a lovely shopper must have. They sell dresses that is fit for our hotness country(tropical). They sell it in affordable prices which a student can also purchase. 

They have this lovely skirt, awesome tops and chiky dresses that are always "IN" in fashion. They plead guilty when it comes to fashion and style.  And lastly, they offer a good customer service for each lovely customer. 

- SJM is an online store that are residing in the Queen City of the South "CEBU". They offer rock chic BLACK-GREY items(which is my favorite) that is classy and trendy. Its all a pre-loved item which you cant imagine thats its all from UK! And its personally handpicked from them !
Facebook LINK : (HERE

- its a One- Stop ONLINE Shop as what owner Lady Queen says. This shops has a lot to offer for you guys. They are not just focusing to one direction but has their target market for all. They sell Lovely Shoes, Awesome Accessories, Cute DIY's(eg. Notebooks,Keyholders,Bags,Pillows) If you want to explore more about them visit their Facebook Page(HERE)
from: The WOWSHOP


Thank You Dear sponsors :)

For you dear readers you can like and connect with them here :
Facebook: HERE
Twitter: HERE

Facebook: HERE

Facebook: HERE

Facebook : HERE
PS: Do not Expect too much at least i have my blog give away :) Xo


  1. good luck w your first giveaway, babe! so many sponsors kaagad! kudos!


  2. Can't wait for your 1st giveaway Frankie !Followed your blog! What's the mechanics? So excited!yey


    1. Oh Thank You for fOllowing Krystal ! Just keep posted Krys :)

  3. I'd love to support your first blog giveaway! and welcome to the blog-o-sphere. In the mean time, can you support mine please?:D Hihi.


    Thank you! :)

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