Paradigm Shift Clothing: SHINY

These are wearable alternatives.
Paradigm Shift was born from our mutual dream to create a clothing line that 
offers would-be wearers an alternative to what is mainstream.
 It is designed with details that challenge preconceived notions of what you 
think you can and cannot wear.
A fascination for the peculiar
These are clothes that are at once familiar and unfamiliar. And we believe 
that with the unfamiliar comes a sense of fun. We'd love to call it basics with
 a twist, except, we leave the 'twisting' to you.
We represent a shift
"If the world were clear, art would not exist", said Albert Camus. We agree. 
 The beauty we find in dissymmetry, exageration and imbalance
 fuels our dream of sharing the experience of wearing clothes dynamically. 
To never be static and be always kinetic.

- Designers:
- Guest Designer:
 Kervin Lopez
- Karl and Mike are also members of FaDAL (Fashion Designers Alliance Manila)

After seeing this Lookbook of P.S.C. I was woooow ! Im so invogue with their collections.
The designers are so artistic and unique. They are artly minded persons. Love the collections?
Order yours   now HERE

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