Its been a week since I last post an outfit here. Due to busy schedule and lack of time. So here it is, an outfit I wore last saturday on a cousins dinner date at Ila Puti I.T Park. Before we flew on. We did took first an outfit shot together with my cousin xandra of www.theskinnystylista.blogspot.com. (Check out her blog ladies) And btw, she just started her blog so do not expect big. Lol ! Back in my look I wore a black button down with a little twist of a cotton sleeves to keep the look elegant and more stylish. This shorts with a black and white  stripes to match with the top and the boots. If you were asking if how did I make this collar necklace? actually, this is a usual typical necklace but I decided to make it a collar necklace do add more style on my look(seen below). I cut the excess strings with a pliers and voila! Lol. this eyeglasses made my look more mature! Hype my look at lookbook.nu

 Black Button Down Shirt| Oxygen Clothing
 Stripes Short| Thrift Finds
Eyeglasses| SMAccesories

 Collar Necklace| DIY

Me with my two pretty cousins <3 @itsrenabelle and @xandraExclusive of www.theskinnystylista.blogspot.com

How do you find my look? :) 

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