Last night was another great night when my friend Lynnie celebrated her 19th birthday at Simply J's Cafe.  Lol.  Anyway, this post was about the food and the place. My outfit post was posted before this. I so like the place and its ambiance. It gives a couple or group of friends a private and a quiet dinner out to celebrate occasions or even just a dinner out treat with your love ones. The place was quiet and the most I like is their interior its like an old country house and PS all their interior frames and lamps is all for sale. Also like the food especially their Chefs Baby Back Ribs in Honey sauce (my favorite.Lol). Here are some pics of the interior and the food <3

 Chefs Choice Baby Back Ribs in Honey Sauce !

Happy me :) Lol

Chocolate Mousse for desert :D
How do you find the place ? Isnt it yummy?  :D Try it yourself. Good Vibes everyone xx

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