I was very exhausted this day cause of stress and some sickness that hit my body. Lol ! Me and friend lynnie went to a tea house to grab some tea and do some chitchatting again. This may be our weekly routine like meeting once or twice a week having some chitchat with each other and do food-hunting.  Haha. And guess what? The tea house is full of good vibe colors and the ambiance is so refreshing and we're like from out of nowhere wearing black and white rock colored. But who cares, like we care? Haha. Anw, on my look

 I wore a UK print top that I got from a UK thrift shop at Jones Cebu. This top is actually fit and so comfy. A patch necklace from Folded and Hung.

Skinny Jeans from Levi's a Boots from Forever21Men. And bag from SM accesories Which I love coz of the color. But, as you see the leather is peeling off coz its over-used already. Haha

Oh ! And One thing I didnt post this look on my LB account for now coz Its just poop out that its 4th of July and I was like captioning this as REBELLION. Like dude? Whats your problem? Then Kfly. 

How do you find this look ? :)

Creepy photo I took at the Back of the Tea house. Will blog about the place soon :) Good Vibe everyone .

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