Wondering why its feel so close? Haha. Actually, I was LSS (Last Song Syndrome) with the song feel so close by calvin harris. During the outfit shot we did I was always singing the chorus part of the song cause for you to know Im  party guy. Yeah, sorry for that but I party hard. Haha! Anyways, On my look I wore a

Button Down Top from Topman which my mom gave to me on my birthday and good thing is mom has a sense of style too. Eh kanino ba nagmana? Haha. 

Eyeglass necklace from Downtown Finds ! I find the necklace cool cos its unique and made from brass. Yeah, thats how I defined cool ! Belt from SM Accessories and it blends on the color of the shoe. And gray Pants from Giordano !

A closer look of my eyeglass brass necklace.

And the close-up me :) How do you find my look ? Is it so executive or just neutral? 

Btw, dont forget to leave your comments! Goodvibes ..

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